Sheila Sanderson

Sheila Sanderson Media & Partnerships Manager

Time spent at KR Group

Seven years.


Degree in Marketing and Management.

Experience before KR Group

I used to be a landlady of a local pub!

How has your role changed whilst being at the KR Group?

I started as a Marketing Coordinator, and have grown alongside the company. I’ve progressed into various roles such as Marketing Executive, Senior Executive, and now Management.

What’s the atmosphere at KR Group like?

It’s ambitious, customer focused and dynamic.

In what way to you benefit from working at KR Group? 

I feel rewarded for my hard work, being offered relevant courses, attending marketing award ceremonies and being invited to regular team events.

What’s your advice for anyone wanting a career in marketing?

Show commitment, enthusiasm and don’t give up!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I play competitive pool every week in the Wyre Borough league.