KR Group donates equipment to Marsh Green Primary School following its £3.25million extension

6th September, 2018 - 3:06pm

Just in time for the new school year, Preston-based KR Group has donated 20 desks and 7 chairs to Marsh Green Primary School in Wigan, to help kit out its new £3.25 million extension.


Marsh Green Primary School has just completed a vast extension to the school, enabling it to accept an additional 210 children meaning the school will cater for 500 in total, by the year 2022. In addition to the new classrooms, purpose built facilities such as a new Nurture hub, small hall and intervention rooms were incorporated into the design so the school to help children and the local community further.


The new works includes a community kitchen where children and parents will be able to have cooking lessons and a pay-as-you-feel cafe provided by the Fur Clempt initiative.


Following the expense of the new school building and community space headteacher Gill Leigh was struggling to come up with funds for the necessary furniture the teachers needed.


Due to rapid growth at KR Group, which led to a change in one of its offices, the business had a surplus of desks and chairs. Rather than selling the furniture, KR Group has decided to donate them all to a Marsh Green Primary School.


Simon Thompson, CEO, at KR Group said: “Over the past few years, KR Group has grown significantly and we found that we had a surplus of desks and chairs, which we were just not using.  Rather than selling the furniture, we wanted to support our community and donate them to an organisation which would put them to good use.


“We heard that Marsh Green Primary School was struggling to fund everything it needed to fit-out its new school and community space. It was the perfect opportunity to support a local school in our wider community.”


Gill Leigh, headteacher at Marsh Green Primary School commented: “From everyone here at Marsh Green Primary School I would like to thank KR Group for their donation. Upon completion of our fantastic new extension we were worried how we were going to afford all the necessary equipment required. With the desks and chairs donated by KR Group we are able to stretch our funds even further to ensure they can be directed specifically to support all the children at our school.”